SphinxCon 2019 Axacon

Coming Soon to Atlanta, GA

Atlanta's Honor Harrington Themed Military Science Fiction Convention

Harassment Policy

Definition of Harassment:

The act of systematic and/or continued unwanted actions of one party or a group, including threats, demands and inappropriate touching. The purposes may vary, including racial prejudice, personal malice, an attempt to gain sexual favors, or merely gain sadistic pleasure from making someone fearful or anxious. Such activities may be based on race or sex, involve revenge by an ex-spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend, or be shown to be a form of blackmail ("I'll stop bothering you, if you'll go to bed with me.").

Safe Zone:

Any Convention area is a Safe Zone. This will include and not limited to, the Hospitality Suite, Green Room, any established area of The Royal Manticoran Navy (TRMN), and any other area if it is signed as such. Where we expect the entire location of any of our conventions to be one large safe zone, we understand this cannot always be the case. We encourage and support anyone who chooses to find one of our security people (Shore Patrol) in the yellow berets for any safe zone needs.

The Manticore Company Limited Conventions Policy on Harassment:

  1. SphinxCon supports the movement that is sweeping fandom that once a guest is invited and a contract is signed, that no convention should give in to a vocal minority that objects to a guest. If your objection to that guest is that strong, you are free not to attend. 
  2. When harassment is reported to or noticed by any staff member of our Conventions, with anyone the Convention or TMCL is working or working with us, on site, or any attendee at our Conventions, the person who noticed it or to whom it was reported shall, assuming security or law enforcement is not involved yet, shall first ensure that the victim is in a place where they feel safe and secure, or escort them to a designated Safe Secure Area of their choice.
  3. The person who noticed the harassment, or to whom it was reported, shall pass the incident to the highest ranking Staff Member available, who will ensure that the Convention Security (Shore Patrol) Head is informed immediately.
  4. The Convention Security Head, or his/her appropriate designee, will:
    1. Speak with the victim and ensure that they are feeling safe and know that they can always come to a Safe secure area, if they need a place to go.
    2. Take an official Report for convention Security and senior convention Staff.
    3.  If the harasser is also an attendee of one of our Conventions, the Security Head, or his/her designee will, in addition to 3.B, with approval from the Convention Chair, Co-Chair, or TMCL directors only, deny the harasser entry to any functions for the remainder of the convention.

Hate Symbols and Associated Iconography

As we strive to provide a welcoming, safe environment for all attendees, symbols associated with historical atrocities and current hate groups are strictly forbidden from the convention. This includes (but is not limited to) swastikas, Nazi uniforms, cosplays closely based on Nazi uniforms, and paraphernalia associated with these organizations. While in an ideal world it would be easy to separate fictional characters who wear these items from real world events, in our current socio-political climate we do not believe it is possible. Anyone wearing or displaying an item of clothing, prop, or other item considered a hate symbol will be asked to remove it from the convention and refusal to do so will result in ejection from the convention without refund in accordance with section 3.C of the harassment policy.

Zero Tolerance

All of our Conventions have a Zero Tolerance policy with regards to harassment. Costuming is not consent! If you see someone taking photos that are either inappropriate or where the subject is unaware, we encourage you to speak up. As a community of fans, we need to look out for each other and make sure everyone is treated with the respect they deserve.