SphinxCon 2018 Axacon
November 2-4, 2018
Crowne Plaza - Atlanta Airport, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta's Honor Harrington Themed Military Science Fiction Convention

Mark Payton

Axacon Fan Film Guest
Mark Payton
Axanar Fan Artist


Mark Payton is an old school professional freelance Illustrator doing book and magazine as well as some design work. Old school means he studied art in the 80’s when computer graphics did not exist. He has been an Uber Star Trek Fan since his early teens when he saw his first episodes in the high school Sci-Fi class (he missed it on TV since his parents were missionaries when it first came out). After seeing “Prelude to Axanar” he started creating illustrations – both portraits and comic book style to show his support For Axanar. Not too long after that, he began writing “The Inverness Revision” a Novelette to fill in some of the holes that the Axanar story just could not do. 
He is currently also working with “The Romulan War” Fan film to provide artwork for their fundraising and also for the production of that film.