SphinxCon 2018 Axacon
November 2-4, 2018
Crowne Plaza - Atlanta Airport, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta's Honor Harrington Themed Military Science Fiction Convention

Other Guests

Jacob Holo

Jacob Holo has been a recreational geek since childhood, when he discovered Star Wars and Star Trek, and a professional geek since college, when he graduated from Youngstown State University with a degree in Electrical and Controls Engineering. He started writing when his parents bought that “new” IBM 286 desktop, and over the years, those powers combined to push him to the next level of nerddom: a sci-fi author who designs intricate worlds and tech systems...and promptly blows them up in a string of nonstop action.

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H.P. Holo

H.P. Holo grew up in a family where it was dangerous to profess boredom. She’s also an incorrigible smart aleck. So when her parents told her to read a dictionary, she did. And then she began writing novels they needed that dictionary to understand.

Her first published ode to smart aleckery was YA fantasy The Wizard’s Way (with Jacob Holo), which readers have called everything from “quirky and fun” to “a veritable love letter to steampunk fans” to “2 stars. A book.”

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Jonathan Lane

When it comes to Star Trek fan films, Jonathan Lane is the go-to expert.  Since January of 2016, he has written and published nearly six hundred blog entries on Fan Film Factor celebrating the surprisingly expansive world of Trek fan productions.  News, interviews, feature retrospectives, creator spotlights, behind-the-scenes photos, crowd-funding updates, editorials, humor...you name it!  And if it's not already on Fan Film Factor, rest assured that Jonathan is probably working on it.

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Mark Largent

Mark R. Largent is a freelance graphic designer in Dallas who makes funny puppet movies without puppets. A life-long Star Trek fan, his first “Animated Puppet Parody” was Stalled Trek: Amutt Time, a lampoon of the classic Star Trek episode Amok Time in 2012. He followed that up with 2014’s The Wobbling Dead, a parody of the first season of The Walking Dead.

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Mark Payton

Mark Payton is an old school professional freelance Illustrator doing book and magazine as well as some design work. Old school means he studied art in the 80’s when computer graphics did not exist. He has been an Uber Star Trek Fan since his early teens when he saw his first episodes in the high school Sci-Fi class (he missed it on TV since his parents were missionaries when it first came out). After seeing “Prelude to Axanar” he started creating illustrations – both portraits and comic book style to show his support For Axanar.

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Michael J. Allen

Michael J. Allen is a bestselling author of multi-layer science fiction and fantasy novels. Born in Oregon and an avid storm fan, he lives in far too hot & humid rural Georgia with his two black Labradors: Myth and Magesty. Warped from youth by the likes of Jerry Lewis, Robin Williams, Gene Wilder and Danny Kay, his sense of humor leads to (in order) occasional surrender, communicable insanity, a sweet tooth and periodic launch into nonsensical song.

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Albert Martinez

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Albert J. Martinez has always been captivated by the science fiction genre.  In his youth, he and his two younger brothers spent their summers in the movie theater, watching countless sci-fi classics. While watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, he sat awestruck as the U.S.S. Enterprise powered up and began its departure from drydock. 

Inspired by his love for starships, he began drawing pictures of his favorite scenes, recreating the epic space battles from the big screen.   

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Doc Osborne

A Man Out of Time Living Life In the Past Lane!

Controlled chaos ensues when Doctor Osborn invades the Con! Bent on world domination through the use of his flaky experiments and Balloons of Doom, he uses the audience as laboratory rats to carry out his diabolical schemes!

Doctor Osborn is Alabama and the Tennessee Valley's #1 Magical Mad Scientist! He delivers hilarious comedy magic and amazing balloon twisting to corporate and private events across the south.

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J.A. Sutherland

J.A. Sutherland spends his time sailing the Bahamas on a 43' 1925 John G. Alden sailboat called Little Bit ...

Yeah ... no. In his dreams. 

Reality is a townhouse in Orlando with a 90 pound husky-wolf mix who won't let him take naps.

When not reading or writing, he spends his time on roadtrips around the Southeast US searching for good barbecue.

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William Alan Webb

A native of West Tennessee, Bill has always combined a love of science fiction and fantasy with a passion for military history. His earliest memories are watching the TV series Silent Service when he was 2. 

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Wendy Woods

To say that Wendy Woods has a fascination with felines, and corsets, would be an understatement.  Whether she becomes a Sirra’Kan princess, a Soulguard in corset and swords, or is simply wrangling her author husband to and from panels, there is always a purr available for anyone in good graces, and claws for those that misbehave.  She works full-time in the medical field, fighting with insurance companies, for her patient’s benefit every day, which greatly relieves her family, because she gets any arguing out before she gets home.

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