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Atlanta's Honor Harrington Themed Military Science Fiction Convention

About Us

About SphinxCon

The Official Convention of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, SphinxCon is the newest intimate Literary Military Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention.  Leveraging the experience of sponsoring and running HonorCon and MantiCon,  a group of TRMN members thought to continue the tradition in Atlanta.  Being the home of Dragon*Con and a plethora of other conventions throughout the year, as well as being a major airline hub, it was felt that the concept could be taken to the next level.

The relocation of Axanar Productions to OWC Studios in Lawrenceville, GA, just outside of Atlanta, gave us an opportunity to offer a unique perk to the select few individuals who purchase a Manticore Premier membership -- a Meet and Greet with our primary guests on the Axanar sets.  With it's beautiful fall weather, Atlanta is the perfect location for a fall convention and the renewal of David and Sharon Weber's wedding vows.  Come visit and be part of the celebration!

About THE ROYAL MANTICORAN NAVY: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association

It all started in 2007, when two friends got together to talk about the Honor Harrington Series written by David Weber.  They wanted to honor the strong character driven story, set in a great universe, but soon discovered that no such fan organization existed.  After a year of hard work and dedication, the ground work was laid for The Royal Manticoran Navy Fan Association.  By 2009, the newly formed fan association had opened a dialogue with Ad Astra.  Later that year, our First Space Lord, was able to meet with David Weber and present him with our ideas for the organization.  The end result:  The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association was born in February 2011.

The Royal Manticoran Navy is the fan association for Honor Harrington and the Honorverse.  As a fast growing fan association, we have good resources in place to support our members.  We can help with the formation of local chapters and offer training through our Saganami Island Academy.  These courses will not only help you grow in the Honorverse, but will also help you become a better manager and leader in the real world.

Website: trmn.org